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The Evolution of Pure Sustenance
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Pure Sustenance is a natural extension of my Italian roots, extensive experience in the field of food and health, and my own journey toward wholeness.

From Italian Roots...

I owe much of my passion and philosophy about food to my Italian culture and my family. Food  was a central part of my upbringing.  Whatever the event, we all found ourselves eventually migrating to the kitchen.  It wasn’t all about food but food was the bridge through which we connected to each other.

 Both of my grandfathers were Italian immigrants. Both of my grandmothers were of Italian decent.  I fondly remember the smell of my grandmothers’ kitchens.   There was always something cooking and often it was homemade chicken soup or pasta; two of my favorite foods.

My maternal grandfather, Grandpa Pete, came to America at the age of 16.  He settled in Detroit Michigan, and became a fruit and vegetable peddler. I still remember Grandpa Pete’s big red truck and his garage which was filled with the distinctive smells and colors of fresh produce.  The garage was like an artist’s palate from which I could literally eat color!    Produce has become a natural part of my diet not just because “it’s good for me,” but because it was readily available, artistic and a way that I connect to the flavor of my childhood -specifically my grandfather’s love and American journey.

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