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The Evolution of Pure Sustenance
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Personal Journey to Wholeness

Feeding the Whole Self is a concept that emerged out of my own struggles with food and life as well as the wisdom gained from working with hundreds of clients.  Feeding the Whole Self is rooted in the discovery that wholeness around food (and life) is rooted in nourishing all parts of ourselves: body, mind and spirit.

There is no exact formula for a balanced and meaningful life.  Yet there are some nutrients we all require, such as adequate rest, work-life balance, and connection to others to be whole.  When these life nutrients are missing, inadequate, or out of balance, it may show up in our lives and in our relationship with food in interesting and sometimes destructive ways.

When I find myself thinking about food or sticking my head in the refrigerator after I just ate, I know I’m hungry, but it’s not about needing more to eat.  Alternately, when I don’t stop working to eat or play, my blood sugar, energy level, and attitude get out of whack.   I used to think that life’s goodies were the reward for getting my work done.  Now I know that I must make a point of indulging in life’s goodies (for me art, nature, movement, etc.), so that I have the energy to live. 

I believe that the ”foods of life” are powerful nutrients.  They are every bit as essential to good health as the food we put on our table.   In order to figure out our unique mix of life foods (whole foods, rest, movement, renewal, relaxation, creative time, etc), we must listen to our soul hunger, stay connected to our body’s feedback cues, and be willing to entertain new paradigms.   For me, it means practicing discernment and being as selective about how I spent my time as what I eat.  It means limiting “junk foods” such as negative self talk, media images and out of balance consumerism.  In the end I don’t give up anything I need to be whole, except my old way of thinking.

In today’s  24/7 society, our lives can be stuffed full  but lacking essential activities that promote wholeness.  It is also true that our stomachs can be full, but lacking nourishment.  In today’s world, it’s easy to lose our way.

Pure Sustenance encourages people to expand their definition of food and to honor the interconnected nature between food and life.   In doing so, one’s relationship with food and life has the unique opportunity to become more whole and satisfying.


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