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The Benefits of Pure Sustenance Print E-mail
  • Change the way you think about and relate to food and your body forever.
  • Get off the diet roller-coaster now!
  • Transform your relationship with food and your body from one of angst and deprivation to one of joy, wholeness, and conscious choice.
  • Move you from I know what do to but don’t do it to delicious bites of change.
  • Introduce you to resources for eating simply, practically, economically, and deliciously.
  • Discover a style of eating that addresses your medical, spiritual, and lifestyle needs.
  • Understand and transform eating and lifestyle patterns that contribute to depleted energy levels, weight issues, disease, and non-hunger eating.
  • Reconnect to your body’s internal wisdom, hunger and fullness, and the whole eating experience.
  • Minimize or eliminate pharmaceutical treatment for your current aliments by maximizing whole food and lifestyle interventions.
  • Improve energy levels and reduce anxiety around food and weight.
  • Improve weight, blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c levels, blood pressure, blood lipids, and body image.
  • Discover what “life foods” you are hungry for and learn to feed your whole self in a way that is life-giving.