Our Philosophy

I believe that the food you eat as well as the manner in which you consume it is an extension of life.  Food is broadly defined as what you feed your whole self in the way of nutrients and life-enhancing behaviors. With Pure Sustenance, transitioning yourself to a more life-giving relationship with food is a creative and delicious journey of self-discovery. 

Wholeness and vibrant health are your most natural state. Wholeness around food is about more than what you eat.  It is also about how you eat, how you feel about what you eat, how connected you are to your body and the eating experience, where your food comes from, and how the quality of your life feeds your food choices.

Weight cycling and diets that leave you feeling overwhelmed, deprived, hungry, or crazy  about food and your body are not natural.   A style of eating built on consuming highly processed or diet foods quickly is not nourishing.   Disconnecting from your body’s internal wisdom is not wholeness. You were meant to live well, not diet.

The only diet you need is one from the way our society approaches food, health, and weight.  Pure Sustenance provides a radically different way to think about food, your body and how you feed yourself.  

Pure Sustenance honors food as a powerful life tool that can help you maximize your energy, prevent or manage disease, and connect you to the earth, yourself, and others. Food and life are intertwined and one cannot be separated from the other.

With Pure Sustenance you’ll discover the joy in returning to a way of eating that is whole and most natural to you.   One that is built upon honoring your body’s internal wisdom, creating new paradigms, eating smart, cooking simply and indulging wisely.  One that transcends diets, measures success by more than the numbers on the scale, and feeds your whole life as well as your stomach.

And, once you taste the good life of Pure Sustenance, you’ll have an appetite for eating and living in a way that feeds your whole self.