How is Pure Sustenance different from other approaches?

Pure Sustenance’s goal is to change the fabric of how you relate to food and your body over the long haul.

I individualize the treatment and integrate the best of western and eastern approaches to nutrition and health.

Deprivation, diet food, and exercise are NOT on the menu.   I believe in whole delicious food, selective indulgence, and moving your body in a way that is life giving.

I help each person discover his or her unique fuel mix. I teach people how different fuels affect blood sugar, energy and hunger/fullness levels.  People are encouraged to experiment and feel what combination of fuels works best in their body with respect to their health needs.

I honor the interconnectedness between food and life.  Food does not exist in a vacuum, it happens while we are doing life.

I Know food!  I continuously shop, test new products, and problem solve.  I provide practical tips (versus broad guidelines) to make eating well work with your lifestyle and health needs.

Pure Sustenance promotes reconnection (versus disconnection) to food, the eating process, your body, and your internal wisdom.

I expand the definition of food to include both fuel and life enhancing behaviors.  Peoples’ relationship with table food can get out of balance when they are hungry for other forms of nourishment.

I honor the metaphorical language of food and help people explore their food world from a place of curiosity versus judgement.

My approach and the way success is measured is multi-dimensional versus scale centered. An increased sense of peace around food, enhanced energy level, improved lab values, reduction in non-hunger eating, increased movement, etc. enter our definition of success.